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Your employer is unlikely to have a Separating Families Policy in place but in this day and age, they really should do.

Not only can we provide a complimentary Separating Families Policy template for your HR, but also a very low subscription for them to share a special link that gives their employees free access to some of our premium resources.

And they will never know who has accessed the resource – it will remain entirely confidential.

Share this with your company ……

Please make this available to all employees!

A Separating Families Policy for your company


Did you know that in a 2014 study for the Nashville Business Journal, they found that in the 6 months leading up to and during the year of a divorce, an employee’s productivity is reduced by 40% and will suffer on some level for the next 7 years. Not only that, but there is an impact on the divorcing employee’s co-workers!


I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you. But what is your employer doing about it?


All employers accessing the Separating Families Policy Template, also have the opportunity to share a free resource that will give their employees access to ways to reduce the cost and stress of family separation via the Best Way To Divorce Resource Hub.

Access for employees to the Best Way To Divorce online resources are available as a complimentary adjunct to companies using the template, and these free resources will not only demonstrate an employer’s duty of care, but also offer a preventative role in empowering employees to avoid often debilitating costs, negative long term mental health issues and decreased productivity in the workplace – all a common direct result of family breakups turning toxic.

Our resources significantly reduce the tendency for employees falling into the trap of a divorce gone wrong, or of going to war over the children. They educate and empower employees to access dispute resolution and to find peaceful ways to resolve any conflicts.

Sharing the link and special access code to the Resource Hub will demonstrate a duty of care by the employer, by giving their employees confidential access to additional resources free of charge, that the general public have to pay for.

We will not disclose the individual details of which employees access this divorce and co-parenting resource, but we can inform the company of the level of employee uptakes.

All employees will also receive an emailed link to another additional resource not available direct from the main resource hub. They will be able to register for 30 days free in the Secret Divorce Support Group.

Your Employer’s First Step to Demonstrate a Duty of Care:

Sharing the link and special access code to the Best Way To Divorce & Co-Parenting Resource Hub will allow your employer to demonstrate a duty of care to employees battling with family separation and co-parenting conflicts.

It is recommended your company makes the free Best Way to Divorce resources available to all employees, as many will not want to request the resource access directly due to the sensitivity of their situation.

Please make this available to all employees!

Suzy is simply the best! An absolute Earth Angel, who purely just wants to give you all her fantastic knowledge and contacts to take the pain out of let’s face it a very life changing experience! M.F.

TEDx 2019

The Peace Delusion in the War of Divorce 

Or in other words – why Suzy Miller, the Creator of Best Way To Divorce resources and the Separating Families Policy Template, chooses to make ‘Peace her weapon of choice’

Suzy came up with a strategy to get through it without spending a fortune. She introduced me to some brilliant people who were all focussed on finding an amicable way through the difficult minefield that is divorce. V.C.

What employees will be able to access:


Please make this available to all employees!