I’m doing all the parenting admin and my Ex contributes no money – but still wants half my assets!

Do you have the main responsibilities for the practicalities of parenting (buying clothes/making sure uniform is washed/dinner money) post divorce? So called 50/50 co-parenting still usually means one parent is responsible for the everyday admin. Also – there is one parent who can’t just suddenly get a full time job miles away because they are […]

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A tear falls

One tear falls.   Trembling, it rolled across his cheek then down the bare downy shoulders of the babe Clutched close in his arms. As he passed the child back to the mother The tear slid onto her hands and she flung it away It flew And hit upon the shaggy coat of a passing […]

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4 Stark Choices Father’s Have When Separating

I remember acutely hearing an account by Bob Geldof of what it felt like to arrive at the front door of his old house to collect his children.  To ring the bell, and then stand on the doorstep – like a stranger.  Hearing that tale all those years ago, I felt the mixture of pain, […]

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