divorce and children

Tomorrow’s Child Exhibition – 1001 Critical Days Manifesto

Without a name, an unseen face Without a name; an unseen face and knowing not your time nor place, Tomorrow’s Child, though yet unborn, I met you first last Tuesday morn.   The beginnings of this poem by Glenn Thomas was read by Ray Anderson during his TED conference talk regarding sustainability, but today its […]

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Does Childbirth Trigger Divorce?

  Demographic studies show that more than 40 percent of children born to two parents can expect to live in a single-parent family by the time they are 18.  Parenthood seems to provoke the spike in the divorce and separation statistics, with roughly a fifth of all marriages ending within five years after the birth […]

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Does sex after birth cause divorce?

Roughly a fifth of all marriages end within five years after the birth of the first child. Reflexologist and Birth Doula Sophia Smith describes the pressures on relationships post-birth, and how reflexology and homely advice can support the parental relationship.     There are both physical and psychological deterrents to pleasurable sex for new parents. […]

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Saying bad things about Mummy: Co-parenting through divorce and separation

  In Psychology Today, Edward Kruk has written of 11-15% of the children of divorcing parents suffering the effects of implacable hostility. In the UK, where roughly 250,000 divorces are granted every year, that estimate would equate to some 50,000-75,000 children every year. The parent labelled with ‘implacable hostility’ is unable to see any value […]

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