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How To Separate Amicably – Sussex hosts UK’s first ever ‘Best Way To Split Retreat’

Media Release: Best Way To Split Retreat Media contacts: Suzy Miller: Email:    Tel: 07525 059 634 Islay O’Hara: Email Tel: 07801 240127 32% of children whose parents are divorced exhibit a high level of mental health problems of some kind1.  Yet it doesn’t have to be that way. “Peaceful divorce can be […]

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Children Arbitration: The Latest Innovation in Family Law

An interview with Family Law Arbitrator Suzanne Kingston about a significant innovation to the world of Family Law:   Family law arbitration is a relatively new concept. The Financial Scheme was launched in April 2012 and since that time over 100 financial arbitrations have taken place. The scope of the Financial Scheme is wide and basically covers […]

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