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Your First Step to Demonstrate Duty of Care:

Sharing the company link we will create for you, so your employees can access the Best Way To Divorce & Co-Parenting Resource Hub, will clearly demonstrate your duty of care as an employer. 

It is recommended to make the free Best Way to Divorce resources available to all employees, as many will not want to request the resource access directly due to the sensitivity of their situation.

Subscription fee includes the license to use the template below, and ongoing access to all your employees to the free resources included in the hub – via a dedicated link you will be supplied with to share with them.


The subscription fee covers all your employees for a single monthly payment.

Under 100 employees, Charities/NFPs

Total pm: £0

100+ employees for-profit companies

Total monthly admin fee: £99pm + vat

Benefits to employees include:


– Access to an online co-parenting diary which costs them and their co-parent nothing

– Other free resources and information about separation and co-parenting

– How to avoid legal fees and to stay out of court

– Access to complimentary videos/resources on how to de-stress

– 30 Short Videos on better ways to divorce using dispute resolution

– Links to organisations such as national charity Families Need Fathers 

– 30 days free access to the Secret Divorce Support Group

What your employees will be able to access:


All employees will also receive an emailed link to another additional resource not available direct from the main resource hub. They will be able to register for 30 days free in the Secret Divorce Support Group.

Simply request the resource link and set up your low cost subscription to share this resource with employees by:

Emailing Suzy:

Arrange a 1-1 call:

How does this relate to your other existing policies?

This Separating Families policy should be read in conjunction with other policies and procedures.

It is advised to adapt the template Separating Families Policy to your company’s specific culture and financial situation with the help of a qualified HR professional. An optional complimentary call with an HR Consultant is included on request to support your existing HR team.

Going beyond the statutory applications of s.57A of the Employment Rights Act 1996, employers would be wise to provide additional leave relating to divorce, separation, co-parenting or marriage difficulties, to support and retain their staff.  

All employers accessing the Separating Families Policy Template included in this document, also have the opportunity to share a free resource that will give their employees access to ways to reduce the cost and stress of family separation via the Best Way To Divorce Resource Hub. 

Access for employees to the Best Way To Divorce online resources are available as an important adjunct to companies using the template, and making these free resources available to your employees will not only demonstrate an employer’s duty of care, but also offer a preventative role in empowering employees to avoid often debilitating costs, negative long term mental health issues and decreased productivity in the workplace as a direct result of all too common family breakups turning toxic. 

Our resources significantly reduce the tendency for employees falling into the trap of a divorce gone wrong, or of going to war over the children. They educate and empower employees to access dispute resolution and to find peaceful ways to resolve any conflicts.

Sharing the special access link to the Resource Hub gives the company’s employees confidential access to additional resources free of charge, that the general public have to pay for.

We will not disclose the individual details of which employees access this divorce and
co-parenting resource, but we can inform the company of the number of employee uptakes.



How to support Separating Parents and Divorcing Employees, to reduce presenteeism, and increase staff retention and a healthier work culture:


2-hour online or in-person training

For Mental Health First Aiders, Health & Safety & HR Managers

Maximum group size of 15 attendees

Online: £1,500 + vat   

At the Workplace/Venue: £2,250 + vat

Reducing the stress of family separation:

Online 2-hour workshop for employees

Maximum group size of 15

£750 + vat



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