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Posted By: Daniela on 10/07/2023 at 17:33

Hi. I am working part time 2 days a week. I was flexible with the days until 1 yrs ago when i asked my boss to a set days pattern, same hrs.
This is due for review. They told me today that from Sept onwards they cannot facilitate my set shift as a mornings shit as they find it difficult to cover the afternoon, particularly on Mondays.
I’ve set the pattern last year in view on child arrangements co-parenting plan with my ex. The current arrangement is ex Sun eve till Tue 5:30pm. So phisically i could work Mon afternoon (as the boss wants) instead of morning shift. The reason i don’t want to change it that i would like to get the Consent order signed before i change my shift for Mon in case ex is one day unable to have our child that day. I know it’s hypothetical or even if it’s court ordered he can still do whatever, but i just feel it would be safer to not change anything until next year….
The boss is kinda trying to pressure me….
Any advise? Thanks

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Is there any reason you can’t do the new shifts? As long as you are not reliant on your ex for childcare if there is an issue and you have a back up? I would politely explain that by moving your shifts that creates a potential additional cost for childcare (if your Ex can’t do that day anymore - what if he gets a job?) - so you need to look at what childcare costs would be. Have you got a union? It does seem discriminatory to a single parent to change your hours to something that if you have to pay for any childcare, it may leave you with not much left for your working hours. Can they change the shifts subject to it not costing you for childcare, but if your ex changes his hours due to work requirements - will they allow you to return to the original shift pattern so you can afford to work?

06:15 11/07/2023
suzy Miller

Ok but what do i say to my boss in the morning? She basically told me that from Sept they cannot facilitate my set shift pattern of 2 morning shift, particularly Mondays as it\'s hard to cover the afternoon. So basically they want me to do an afternoon shift instead, on the Monday otherwise my 2 options are 0 hrs contract as Bank staff or redeploiment. None are an option for me. Basically, as my ex has our child on Mondays anyway as per current agreement and overnight, i could physically change from morning shift to afternoon shift from end of Sept onwards. The child arrangements will be the same. What shall i do? Thanks

23:46 10/07/2023

Best option is to ensure you are covered for childcare in case you Ex let’s you down so your job is not at risk. Don’t change anything agreed with you ex - just keep it simple. Push forwards for the Consent Order.

21:48 10/07/2023
suzy Miller
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