When friends encourage you to ‘fight back’

Posted By: suzy Miller on 16/02/2023 at 23:26

In response to Daniele’s reflection via a text message just now… Be Careful. People will express their own unresolved anger by subconsciously getting you to act it out – it’s their stuff, not yours. You are being given the gift of learning to let go and not be triggered – so you won’t carry that burden into the future and find yourself encouraging someone else in the years to come to ‘fight their corner’!

No disrespect to your friend. But it’s a sign of your growing wisdom that you are making your own decisions now and thinking longer term.

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Thank you so much. She said she is just wind up because of ex and his mum and what they are doing... But you are right, she did go through a lot with her narc sister so maybe this is triggering for her without realising it. I told her i appreciate she is concerned for me but i have to loose this battle to win the war. Thank you Suzy, for being my rational brain and holding my hand through this. I kinda knew what your answer would be.... as i learnt so much from you... but i just wanted to check that i needed to let this one go.... Thank you

23:45 16/02/2023
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