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Posted By: SB on 24/09/2023 at 21:10

Hi Suzy, reconnected with Henry this week and sent figures to him and I’ve just been served with a divorce petition by T’s lawyer. I haven’t got a lawyer yet so guess I need to do that straight away! (our daughter just got married so been distracted by all that and now need to get on with this!) I also want to know what I’m entitled to by law – who can tell me that?

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Surinder! So - have I introduced you to Celia yet to focus on what you want / need in this next stage of your life? That clarity is important as Henry needs you to tell him what you want and his job is to help you find a way to make that work financially. What will you live off when you are no longer at working age for example? Where will you be living and what will your overheads be? How much do you need to earn and realistically how long could it be to get employment - if applicable - etc. A realistic assessment of your needs and how to not leave you with the house for example, but not enough money to run it etc. Celia is also an ex-family lawyer - which is handy! If getting the info for Henry is overwhelming I can intro you to a virtual PA to help. Intros to Mediators and legal advice on your final financial proposition - when you are ready for that, let me know. Would you like an intro to Celia for a no-obligation call? I think that would be a good step. Would you like me to set you up an account in dTour.life (it’s part of your subscription) where you can collate all the information in one tidy place and invite in Henry, the mediator etc - it saves a lot of sharing of email attachments and is more secure? If you need a 1-1 zoom session to clarify your strategy/plan here is the link but the above notes and talking to Celia and Henry (get him to do a pre-mediation financial cash-flow forecast to work out the best way to split the finances) - will probably be all you need for now! <a href="https://bestwaytodivorce.com/divorce-strategy/" target="_blank">https://bestwaytodivorce.com/divorce-strategy/</a>

22:31 24/09/2023
suzy Miller

P.S. Entitlement-wise - I need to know who you are first and I assume we’ve had a navigation call already? Confirm your name so I can check my notes and respond but generally it’s 50/50 (includes debts/assets/pensions) but more for whoever has the main responsibility for caring for kids in full time education - but Henry is the best person to help work out what is needed as there can be mitigating factors and essentially you want to be cutting a deal in mediation wherever possible.

21:25 24/09/2023
suzy Miller

Hi. Your profile says S.B. - can you give me your name please so I know who I’m responding to? If you see the pinned post at the top it tells you how to update your profile - or just sign your name at the end of a post? Receiving a divorce petition does not mean you need a lawyer for that. You just respond yes and make sure you confirm that there will be a financial arrangement to be made. It’s the admin part. With the petition accepted by the court that means you can get any financial agreement submitted at the interim order stage (usually takes a few weeks after the petition stage). So it’s a good impetus to move forwards. Full and frank financial disclosure is required and can be demanded if necessary once the petition has been accepted by the family court.

21:20 24/09/2023
suzy Miller
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