What is the simplest way to find out what is fair?

Posted By: Richard on 27/05/2024 at 09:47

My wife and I are trying to come to an agreement about what is fair in terms of splitting assets and ongoing payments. Would a mediator be able to help with this?

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Yes - but only when you are ready to attend the mediation. As I explain in the workshops, to ensure you use mediation effectively, go in with a clear proposal of how best to split the finances, having worked it out with a financial planner (not a mediator or a lawyer - they don't have the years of experience and training and qualifications to do the long term cashflow forecasting that is necessary). Also, if there are children involved, then use dTour.life (you should have received a separate invite to that platform) where you can use the coparenting plan template. You can also put in all your financial details and invite in the financial planner, the mediator, and anyone else you want to save time by not having to send them all the same info by email.

17:31 27/05/2024
suzy Miller
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