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Posted By: Lee on 21/09/2023 at 11:39

Hi Suzy,

Do you have a trust fund specialist I could have a quick chat with?

Also, I’m still having an issue with number confirmation page.

I emailed them yesterday morning and have had no reply thus far.

I wondered if anyone else has had any similar issues.


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When you have agreed the financial split, because there are some complexities a straightforward clean break may not be appropriate, but if you use this service it includes legal advice and is very competitive price-wise, especially with the 10% discount: Managed consent order – handled by solicitors - £599  <a href="" target="_blank"></a> 10% discount code for you SOS23 By all means get quotes from other sources to compare, but make it clear you are simply wanting the Memorandum of Understanding created by the mediator (a summary of the financial agreement) turned into a Consent Order - nothing more. When you are ready to speak to mediators, let me know and I'll make some introductions. I recommend that you draft the co-parenting plan asap, and have a mediation just about the kids. This will help establish trust with the mediator and make it easier when you begin to talk about the money. If you need help with the co-parenting plan, I can introduce you to Jenni Rock, who is a Parenting Conflict Resolution specialist.

15:40 21/09/2023
suzy Miller

Glad to see you've made it into - have fun putting in your financial information, including uploading into 'documents' your divorce petition etc. It will save Una, mediators and potential lawyers loads of time by you having everything in one place, and time is money! Also, I highly recommend that you begin filling in the Co-Parenting Plan template. It will help you to think through aspects that will impact the financial agreement. Also, sign up for the (free if you use the code) subscription to this co-parenting diary, and once you filled in the non-contentious everyday stuff you've already agreed, plus school holiday dates etc - and invite your STBX into the diary and say this is how you will communicate ongoing about the children. Keep a record in there of what you do for the kids, what hours and especially nights when you are 'in charge' etc - so there is a clear picture of your parenting commitments and how that could effect any career changes (if at all). Online Diary: WeParent is a family subscription, meaning one parent will sign up on behalf of both parents (and/or step-parents) <a href="" target="_blank"></a> PROREFER is the code to use

15:32 21/09/2023
suzy Miller

I'm in! Thanks for getting in touch with Suzy. I'll make contact with Una re; my trust query. Thanks again, Lee

13:45 21/09/2023

Hello Lee. I'm chasing up to get that sorted for you. Normally the issue is people don't put the phone number in, in the right format (the UK +44 should be chosen first and then you add in your number) - but I've not come across this issue re. a code via email not working yet. Always a first time for everything! I can find you a trust fund specialist but I would ask Una first, as she is very likely to have trusted professionals who create the legal aspect of a fund in her network. If she can't help, get back to me. Great that you are surging ahead Lee. Well done!

12:36 21/09/2023
suzy Miller
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