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Posted By: Daniela on 11/01/2023 at 21:31

So i went to GP today with the intention of getting a sick note for work…. i told the dr i feel i have some palpitations but they may be related to the toxic environment at home as ex refuses to leave and i need to look for a place to go or go to court, that he is intimidating etc…
He asked me if i have kids and then he says “we’ll have to check your heart but we need to look after you and your son too, so i’m gonna have to make a Social Services referral”…. I was like ” what?” I asked him if he can wait, as i just sent ex a solicitor letter to move out and i want to see how he responds.” But he said he has a duty of care and he does not need my consent to do it. He said they(SS) might just do a check on the phone with me….
I’m worried i’ve “blown” myself off ….. my intention was just to get a sick note…. now i end up with SS…..
What do i do? Am i “screwed” now? I’m so annoyed with myself…

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You are in such a difficult situation. You are doing your best and you should be proud of how well you are holding up.

22:19 11/01/2023
suzy Miller

Thank you. I have contacted her but she was off today. Hope to speak to her tomorrow. I will look into a lock. I feel my anxiety around that is getting better as i'm getting my head around the reasons why i need it and when etc.... Thank you for your straight talk and love.

22:01 11/01/2023

This is why I connected you to Kathy who as an ex social worker knows how the system works. Maybe have another session with her? Why not ask your GP for a letter confirming your stress levels are caused by having your ex husband illegally living in your flat? That could be useful to add to information to the court if your ex refuses to leave. Have you put a lock on your bedroom/living room door yet? Or are you continuing to let your ex husband enter your room whenever he pleases? That might seem odd to social services. You really do now need to put some reasonable boundaries in place.

21:39 11/01/2023
suzy Miller
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