See you tonight at the Meetup!

Posted By: suzy Miller on 30/03/2023 at 17:31

Your Meetup is happening tonight 8.35pm UK time.

I hope to see you there.

Our next Group Meetup is on Thursday 30 March
20:35 UK / 12:35 PT / 15:35 ET
30 Minutes Live

– what would you like to focus on?

Let us know in the Group Chat!

For half an hour I make myself available via zoom to answer questions, hear your stories, and generally be useful and save you spending money on getting the answers you need, when between myself and the members of my Divorce Support Squad we can usually get you those answers for free.

The Support Webinars I’m running on the last Thursday of the month and are about half an hour (as you are all busy) and starting at 8.35pm (UK time)

There will be sometimes be a video’d version recorded and shared in this group only – not anywhere else – if you can’t make it in in person. But it’s worth trying to be present online for that half hour a month!

We will:

– begin with a quick round up of how everyone is (you can stay silent and just listen if you prefer);

– then have some useful strategies/facts which we will discuss;

– share some expert knowledge, sometimes with a special guest;

– deal with any questions or challenges any of you may have

If you don’t already have Zoom (it’s like Skype only better) on your computer, you can download it for free here:

This is the LINK to put in your diary:
Save this link for 8.35pm UK time, on the last Thursday of the month: Join Zoom Meeting

If it asks for a passcode, use BWTD.

Bring any questions you may have – or just share what’s going on for you right now.

financial questions?
legal confusions?
coparenting advice?

Come and share your journey. You can have your camera on or off. Ask questions, get answers, and save money on legal fees.

Click on the link when it’s time:

See you there!

Best wishes


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