Response to Surinder

Posted By: suzy Miller on 25/09/2023 at 18:50

In response to your soon-to-be exe’s lawyer, telling you to get a lawyer, that is because you can get a lawyer who will then communicate by letter to his lawyer, and you get charged a significant amount every time. However, at this stage, I’m not clear on what the lawyer would do that, you can’t easily do yourself, which is simply respond to the divorce petition, with a yes, ensure that the petition records that a financial settlement is still needed (usually a box you tick) and that’s it for the admin.

To review your proposed financial agreement before it’s signed and submitted to ensure the court are likely to accept it – that’s useful. But right now the focus is to decide how YOU think (with Henry’s help) the assets should be split.

Shall I introduce you to Celia for a no-obligation chat so you have her as part of your virtual team, should you ever need her support?

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