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Posted By: suzy Miller on 17/10/2023 at 20:48

In response to your message it sounds like you have got through that to-do list very thoroughly!

You could send a copy of the parenting plan as a pdf but make it clear that if your ex wants to collaborate on it, he needs to use the our family wizard link you sent him.

If he messes about and takes you to court, you can use a template in OFW to request the court to order him to pay his subscription and communicate through the app. But hopefully he’ll see the benefits and use it anyway. As long as that is the only way you respond to co-parenting communications – what other option does he have?

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P.S. - where did you create your co-parenting plan? OFW is or the diary / everyday implementation - but a co-parenting plan adapted from the court order is what you would be mediating with your Ex or - if he takes you to court - show to court.

12:15 21/10/2023
suzy Miller

Hi Sukhjit - I didn't see any reference in the message to your ex about his drinking. I thought that was the key issue here? I recommend that you continue to encourage your ex to participate and have his wishes taken into consideration with a revised parenting plan, and once he's gone into OFW and considered what - if anything - he wants to change, to attend a mediation to discuss that. Have you been working with Jenni Rock? She would be a good person to get guidance on. I'm not clear on why you want legal advice at this point?

12:01 21/10/2023
suzy Miller

Hi Suzy, my ex has replied to the email. Ive attached his response as a PDF in docs. Please could you review and let me know how i need to proceed? Thanks Sukhi

10:33 19/10/2023
Sukhjit Purewal

Hi Sukhjit Apart from adding screenshots of the above 'evidence' of how hard you are trying to include him in the coparenting into your docs, also make it clear that you are happy for childrens services to an assessment and that you are concerned for your child's mental health. In practice they are only likely to intervene if instructed by a court - so your ex would have to take you to court first. Which may never happen. But it it does, you are all ready to put a strong case, to get an updated coparenting plan put turned into a legally binding agreement which includes your Ex paying for and using Our Family Wizard. PS - if he is on benefits he can contact them and ask for a reduction - that option is available through the site via the invite link you send him via your own subscription.

04:32 19/10/2023
suzy Miller

Hi Suzy, Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, i didnt want to waste time by sitting on any actions. I wanted to make sure enough notice has been given to him to review my email and take action where he deemed necessary. Hes not read the email yet (i popped a read receipt on like you suggested). I know its been delivered as i put a receipt of for that too. I will give him until 5pm today - if he doest reply to my txt informing him of the email (which had app info) or email back atleast, or use the app then i will drop him a whatsapp (as it will be online status / 2 blue ticks for read receipt) and tell him to check his email and will send a PDF via whatsapp to him. I will re-itterate he needs to use the app and that theres no point in replying to me on txt or whatsapp or email. Children services got back to me. For some reason i cant attach a pdf of the email convo in this chat so ive attached it under documents in for yo to assuming you can see my docs in there? Reading in between the lines of the childrens services email they arent going to do anything

14:16 18/10/2023
Sukhjit Purewal
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