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Posted By: suzy Miller on 29/09/2023 at 16:12

That mediator has come via your spouse I see – and they are local and have a good reputation. I don’t know that mediator personally but they are probably fine.

However – I would have a chat also with Jo O’Sullivan who is a mediator, and a family law solicitor who never goes to court and who is on the Amicable Divorce Network directory. She’s based in Lewes and is very very experienced (she’s even written books about staying out of court).
Also, I would have a chat with Joanne who works a great deal online and also with couples where there is a ‘power difference’ shall we say!
I would have a chat with both of them as well as your husband’s suggestion, and see who YOU like best.

It’s an important choice and their main role is to help explain to Sean why your suggested (via the work you do with Henry) split of the finances makes sense. And also to put his point of view across as well.

Don’t rush into mediation UNTIL you have clarified what you want (Celia is great for that) and sorted out the best way to split the finances (Henry provides a specific service to prepare for mediation). No point paying for mediation until you have your ducks in a row (unless there are other things you need to discuss) and take the time to ‘interview’ the mediators to decide who you want to work with.

Shall I intro you to Joanne and Jo?

Best wishes


P.S. This is the link to the UK directory you might want to share with your spouse. Basically, everyone on it has been vetted to be focused on staying out of court. It’s unique in that way. That doesn’t mean other mediators are not as good – but it’s a good pool to pick from! – you may want to share it with your husband as a resource?

Suzy x

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Yes please do introduce me to Joanne and Jo...and thanks for the perspective on finding a mediator and not rushing into it before working out what I want.. which really is challenging me but hopefully Celia will help this week..

23:42 02/10/2023
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