Reply to mediator in response to ex wanting to keep the passport 6month each and finances settlement

Posted By: Daniela on 13/08/2023 at 23:19

Dear mediator,

I have read ex’s email.
I am going to take some time to think and consider all my options before I make a decision. In the meantime I am going to explore some financial options as well and get advise. All this will take some time. I think it’s better to say: we’ll come back to you when we’re both ready and in the meantime I am happy to continue with what we’ve discussed and agreed in mediation so far.
I would also like to remind ex the importance of shielding our child from adult conversations, as it’s not emotionally healthy for our child and I know we both want the best for him.

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Hi Daniela Yes, that should do it - but I would clarify the bit about ‘adult conversations’ - for example “discussing any matters relating to our financial arrangements or our co-parenting plan - including talking about the passport”. I really would encourage you Daniela to include a statement about ongoing communication. I think it’s a bad idea to keep using email for financial discussions - keep everything through the co-parenting app. All in one place. All downloadable as a clear record of communication should you need to go to court. If the app you use doesn’t seem to provide that, contact them and request it. It should be a basic functionality. Let me know their response. Your boundaries are a bit chaotic. Why complicate things by splitting conversations into two different places? No need to do that. Keep everything in one place where his responses are recorded and you can prove he has read them. This requirement to only communicate via the app, and the co-parenting plan, should be included in the letter from the mediator. Re. Using your WhatsApp for your son to speak to his dad - why not create a WhatsApp account connected to your son’s phone number (the one relating to his watch phone)? <a href="" target="_blank"></a>~:text=Using%20two%20WhatsApp%20accounts%20on%20iOS&text=Thanks%20to%20WhatsApp%20Business%20—%20an,as%20auto%2Dreplies%20and%20catalogs. That way it keeps any messages your ex sends related directly to your son - and not you - and again you avoid the confusion of where information is appearing. I really encourage you to keep your communications through one channel - with the addition of the mediator and legal letters if required later on.

06:58 14/08/2023
suzy Miller
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