Questioning in court in domestic abuse cases

Posted By: suzy Miller on 24/07/2023 at 07:42

If your STBX – or you yourself – require cross-examination in court, that has been ruled as in inappropriate in domestic abuse cases where the self-representing Litigant questions the person who they have been bullying for years – or vice versa. But there are not enough Qualified Legal Representatives for the court to appoint for those who can’t afford a lawyer.

“What can I do if I am banned from cross examination but I can’t afford a lawyer?”

– you can wait and see if the court finds a QLR,
– you can try and obtain cheaper or free legal representation (for example via We Are Advocate)
– you could ask the judge to say that someone else could ask the questions (for example, is there someone else who could ask pre-approved questions for you – a McKenzie friend?

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