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Posted By: Daniela on 08/09/2022 at 13:04

In my previous letter, dated 17th May 2022, I asked you to move out of the above flat by 23rd May 2022.
As the divorce will be over soon, I am giving you 4 weeks notice from today. Please vacate the flat and handover the key by 06/10/2022 and clear the outside storage and the bedroom so I can use it.

Your outstanding contribution for bills to me, from May 2022= £20, June’22= 18.48, July ‘22= £21, Aug ‘22= £18, a total of £77.48 and Sept ‘22= £22.

The sooner you are settled in a new home then the sooner we can get into a healthy co-parenting rhythm for the benefit our son. We will be able to structure/ schedule things in advance for our son, so he will know what to expect in the future and enjoy the plans and time he has with each of us in more relaxed environments. The co-parenting plan is set up and waiting for your proposals/discussion on Splitsmart co-parenting plan (free join in link, in your previous email sent to you few months ago).

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Thank you very much Suzy

13:17 08/09/2022

This version above looks fine.

13:10 08/09/2022
suzy Miller
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