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Posted By: suzy Miller on 25/07/2023 at 18:17

Hi Danielle. I don’t always get your messages in good time so it’s much better to put them into this chat where I get to see them much more quickly.

Re. your response to your Ex – you already know the answer. He wants to bully you into giving him money whilst he refuses to complete the Consent Order. But that’s the wrong way around. You agree on the finances, and then he gets paid.

If he refuses to mediate on that further, then give him the option of arbitration. Make it clear your earlier offer is no longer on the table but you could make a lesser offer if he returns to negotiations, and wants to book in another mediation.

If you have a better idea feel free to share it. But I’m not sure you have any other choice other than to cave in, have no boundaries and for this to drag on for years. Which is not good, is it!?

You can do this.

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