Posted By: Hannah on 15/06/2024 at 07:25

Hi Suzy,
Just wanted to ask a question about child maintenance. Should it be paid based on gross yearly income and equalised weekly whether you have a paye contract or freelance?

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Ideally child maintenance is agreed between you - I would recommend it being in the co-parenting plan and the details of how to pay it could be agreed in mediation if it’s a touchy subject. It helps if the paying-parent sees clearly that the money is used for the kids (which the co-parenting plan can detail) and you want to avoid the CMS having to collect and distribute the money as they take a fee - money better used for the children. This is the official info: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> But like most divorce/separation related situations, it’s best for the couple to agree between themselves. The amount would normally be set on actual income - so salary whether through an employer or via being self-employed (visible on the annual accounts). If a paying parent is claiming they won’t make the same money this year and don’t want to base it on previous year’s salary - assuming that is a genuine issue - you could agree a minimum monthly amount and then a % of anything they earn over a certain amount to be paid annually. You are in charge of how you do this. NB: child maintenance is SEPARATE from spousal maintenance. Dont conflate them.

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suzy Miller
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