Leveraging Atorney’s Expertise

Posted By: Paul Turner on 29/06/2023 at 19:20

I’m struggling a bit with my attorney. He is wonderful. He is incredibly fairly priced. My finances are quite limited and I’ve felt like a jerk asking him not to check on me, or worry about me etc. and to just focus on getting court submissions done. He has mostly accepted this knowing of my situation and I appreciate it even though it means we have less of a connection.

I’ve also asked him to let me develop drafts but we can’t get that part figured out. I obviously don’t know what I’m doing but could use some guidance as to how I can encourage him to offer some guidance and let go of the reins a bit. I appreciate his strategic thinking and framing and need that. I can do a lot of the foundational work though. Any suggestions? He has shared that anything I put together will take him a lot more time to unwind and reassemble. I definitely know it would take some tweaking but I think I could get us 60-70% of the way there.

Thanks so much,

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