Introduction to mediator

Posted By: Hannah on 03/07/2024 at 18:12

Hi suzy,
Please could you introduce me to the mediator?
Many Thanks

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Hannah - I would say going in with a clear financial needs-based plan is essential. If your STBX threatens court then that plan would explain to a judge how best to divide the finances with the reasonings why so therefore it would be stupid for him to go to court. Definitely have some sessions with Ruth to prepare for mediation because your STBX displays coersive control so you need to be prepared. Have you written to your STBX to express your intention to keep this out of court so that if he drags into it you have a strong basis to request he pays your costs? If you want a Amicable Divorce Network headed email version then upgrade your subscription for additional 1-1 support (or just create your own): <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

07:37 04/07/2024
suzy Miller

Ahh - just seen you've already been intro'd to Henry. Just so you know, he can come into a mediation session to 'explain' the proposed split to your STBX.

19:31 03/07/2024
suzy Miller

Hello Hannah - introduction to mediator Joanne has been made. Just checking in - is there a consent order to be mediated? If so, talking with a financial expert first is a good thing to do. I can intro you to Henry if needed. Let me know if you want me to give Joanne access to your

19:28 03/07/2024
suzy Miller

Hello Hannah. I have more than one Hannah in the support group. Please let he have your surname so I can see which Hannah you are!

18:31 03/07/2024
suzy Miller
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