how to fill form D11

Posted By: Vinciane on 01/12/2023 at 15:33

Hi Suzie, my husband has received my application to divorce but emailed me to say he was not going to reply. With that email as a proof he has received the application, I can proceed and need to fill form D11
Sadly that form is so complicated I won’t be able to fill it without help. Who should I contact to ensure I fill it properly. Or could you help me do that?

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Calling the court was no use so, with Celia's help, I filled the form D11 and uploaded the email of my husband proving he had received the petition. I want to show him I am serious about the divorce so wanted to keep things moving but indeed, now is the time to talk finance. Thank you for your help.

09:09 06/12/2023

Hello Vinciane First - call the family court (who are dealing with the petition) and say you have proof your spouse has received the petition (describe how this is in the form of an email from him) - and ask if you can submit that instead of having to pay for deemed service. If the email is clear evidence, then they may accept that. If they are difficult, and insist you prove receipt in another way, that info is in the free petition info in the hub. Why do you want to submit a D11? All you need to do is prove your spouse knows he has been petitioned. The person to help with this is Celia. I introduced you via email on 21 October. She is an ex family law solicitor. But even on your own you can try to persuade the family court to allow your husband’s email as proof of receipt of the petition because that may be all you need to do. Then focus on the financial split and cutting a deal. Don’t let the petition stage become a hassle. You don’t need to fill in complicated forms for that. If you have to get the petition served on your spouse by a bailiff to prove receipt and can’t fine the info let me know and I’ll add it in here. But try to call them first in case his email does the job?

22:42 01/12/2023
suzy Miller
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