Have you completed this To-Do List?

Posted By: suzy Miller on 02/04/2024 at 10:07

Just shared this with a group member and it may be some of you will benefit from going through this check list:

To Do List:

– Book in calls with any professionals you have been introduced to. Have a chat with them, and plan the next steps where relevant.

– Access dTour.life and complete the Co-Parenting Plan using the template.

– Consider what else you need to included in the financial agreement related to the co-parenting. Who pays for University fees, school uniforms? What happens if one of you moves to different place? Gets a new partner? Consider all the options and their potential financial implications.

– Set up the Our Family Wizard co-parenting calendar (no more whatsapps/texts/emails – keep it all in the OFW App where nothing can be deleted!) – populate it with things there is no argument about – school dates; birthdays etc. It is a fantastic way to create boundaries and accountability in the coparenting relationship: https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=212922&u=1930759&m=25791&urllink=&afftrack=

– Include (when ready) who is with the kids and when – do this even if you are living in the same house. It may feel weird but the kids can get used to the rhythm and it’s less difficult for them when parents then begin to live apart as the rhythm stays the same.

– Put all your financial info/marriage certificate etc into dTour.life. Ask Suzy to invite in any professionals you are working with (and to then remove any later on you stop working with).

– When you are ready to have your financial agreement turned into a Consent Order : this company provide a very affordable service: https://www.paidonresults.net/c/29703/1/388/0/divorce-services/consent-order-services/clean-break-consent-order-service/

– Use the Chat in the Secret Divorce Group to ask questions, or share thoughts/epiphanies/concerns. It’s your space to share.

– Put the monthly Meetup dates in your diary.

– Think about the future – what is the world you are creating for yourself? Your kids want you to be happy so it’s your duty to focus on your own fulfilment and joy. Do you want to learn new skills? Plan a retirement abroad? Take up wild dancing and mountain climbing? Now is your chance. There may be financial implications and your financial planner’s job is not just to help you create an equitable split, but to facilitate your dreams. So what are those dreams?

– The Secret Divorce Group will provide for most of your needs ongoing – ask for intros to mediators etc. via the Chat – but if you do want more 1-1 support, that is available: SUBSCRIPTION 1-1 STRATEGY SESSIONS https://bestwaytodivorce.com/divorce-strategy-subscription/

Best wishes


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Live zoom meetups are on the last Thursday of every month, 8:35pm. The link is in the Meetup tile in the Secret Divorce Group.

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Hi suzy. When's the next zoom chat session?

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