Good luck moving!

Posted By: suzy Miller on 28/02/2023 at 23:31

Good luck with your move tomorrow Daniela. Hopefully your Ex will respect the parenting plan and not force you to reduce contact on any days/weekends simply because he won’t come to an agreement or provide a sensible reason why not to stick to the plan you’ve created.

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Hoorah! Looking forward to hearing all about it in the next Meetup!

13:29 09/03/2023
suzy Miller

By the way, thanks to Joanne from Mediation, the co-parenting schedule for pick ups and drop offs went ok so far.

22:58 08/03/2023

Hi Suzy. I've moved!!!! I'm out!!! Finally. The move was ok overall... some interference from ex (i'll tell you in the meetup) but with the communication tools i've learnt from Ruth and Jenni and you, i managed to keep calm and firm. (My friend lost it a bit though ???‍♀️) I managed to take out the things i wanted, which is great. Thanks again and can't wait to talk to you for the full story... ?

22:56 08/03/2023

How is it going Daniela? Have you moved?

12:04 04/03/2023
suzy Miller
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