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Posted By: Daniela on 16/02/2023 at 00:38

Hi Suzy. So i went through my Form E with the mediator and she says when estimating the future costs, it’s not up to when the child is 18…. but more like in the next year…. (Part 3 : Income needs , Capital needs)
And when I tried to defend why I need the flat and the pension she kind of dismissed my reasons, like because ex doesn’t pay for anything and no stable job, i need the flat to secure the needs of raising our son ….so she said that is mainly about ex’s Earning capacity. Kind of like if he earns more than I do not need to ringfence my flat….

Are you able to help me answer these points in the form E from the picture? I’m trying to send you the whole document so you can see what it says, but it ‘s not uploading ….
Thank you

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The mediator must remain impartial. They do not decide anything - they give you options to consider. Ultimately you decide with your ex what the agreement will be. For you - focus on the coparenting plan. With the finances, he may not agree and you can’t control that. What is important is that you agree on as much as possible, point by point, on the co-parenting plan. Having your form e filled in is also important in case your spouse tries to use the courts. Imagine a judge looking at the info and getting a clear picture of your situation. Your ex will probably say that he fully intends to contribute financially, but if it’s very clear exactly how much he hasn’t contributed with specific dates and amounts, then it becomes obvious that his actions don’t match his words. Be thorough with the information, but don’t stress about it. Keep focused on agreeing on as much as you can with the co parenting plan, so that when you have any disagreements about the diary, you can relate back to what was agreed in the plan. It will help to keep you both on track. If he doesn’t agree, or he agrees to things and changes his mind, having that all in your coparenting plan as a record, that will help you to get a defined contact order if you have to go down that route. But I’m really hoping that with the mediators help that won’t be necessary.

02:20 16/02/2023
suzy Miller

4.5 - earning capacity reduced as main provider and carer for your young child until he is old enough for full time secondary education. Do you have an inheritance if any significant value likely? Your Ex spouse - will he inherit a house and/or money in the UK? The agreement with your spouse about the property abroad, and why that was agreed to.

02:11 16/02/2023
suzy Miller

4.4 Simply list the dates and details of the police reports (with a copy attached for reference).

02:06 16/02/2023
suzy Miller

4.3 include your financial contributions to the family home (rented flat) and the % of rent and bills (so if 100% for the previous x months) - include how you are likely to pay 100% if the housing and childcare costs going forwards. Also,

02:04 16/02/2023
suzy Miller
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