Flat issue

Posted By: Daniela on 08/09/2022 at 11:53

I have spoken to the landlord and they don’t let me change the locks by myself.
And they won’t take his name off the bills and rent invoice.

Shall i still mention in the notice letter how much he owes me in bills?
If he pays does that give him any right to the flat?
Will that affect me in any way?
Thank you

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Understood. RE. bills - yes, leave a clear record of his lack of contribution financially. Make clear it's a contribution or money owed through an agreement (even a verbal one) and in no way suggest he is a lodger or should pay the landlord direct. I should recompense you for him sharing your flat.

12:53 08/09/2022
suzy Miller

Thank you. As i mentioned long time ago, previously the landlord made mistakes by changing the name on the contract every year almost; first his name, then both our names, then my name etc. The current one is in my name. Because of this mistake, they are afraid that my stbx can take them to court (he doesn't have a case there, but that's another story) so their lawyers advised them to give him the key back when I changed the locks. Because of these mistakes in contract names and the landlord fear of court, they most definitely won't take his name off the bills and rent invoice. (I asked them, and they want to check with their lawyers).

12:15 08/09/2022

Whilst remaining in the flat even though we are divorcing he should contribute to the bills. Also child support. Why would they not take his name off the invoice? If he has no legal tenancy agreement then that just doesn’t make sense Daniela. You keep giving different information so it gets very hard to give you any guidance.

12:07 08/09/2022
suzy Miller
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