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Posted By: Daniela on 29/06/2023 at 13:09

Regarding your claim of share of my property abroad.

I cannot give you part of my flat because I need the money as a buffer to pay for my outgoings (compelled to move, by our relationship breakdown/circumstances to a new location, the outgoings are much higher then the previous accommodation) and child’s school fees.

In view of the above, my only financial offer is £900 (money which I am able to borrow) which is available until Wed 5th July 13pm. After this time, the offer is off the table. If you decide to accept the offer, please let me know via Mediator and my email by the date and time mentioned above and we will confirm this in writing in the following Mediation meeting.
The money will be transferred to your desired account after the Consent order is submitted to and approved by the court.

Providing there are no extra changes by the solicitor for the Consent order, to the MOU comprised by the mediator, I am also willing to cover the cost of the Consent order.


2nd offer

I’m sorry but my first offer is gone. The money available now is £700, offer available until xxxxx date and xxxx time. After this time the offer is off the table.

3rd offer


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Maybe rephrase to be more like: I have assessed my current financial situation, and because of my increased costs from having to move flat due to you refusing to leave when requested by my solicitor; my legal and mediation costs to date; my primary care responsibilities towards our son which limits the number of hours I can work until he is older; the fact that I receive no financial support from you; and the future cost of paying for the Consent Order to be created and submitted - all of this means that my ability to find an amount to offer as a full and final settlement is limited. However, I have been able to secure an amount of borrowing and can make you the following limited-time offer as an act of good will, so we can get our Consent Order completed and submitted. Subject to our Consent Order being accepted by the court, I agree to pay you £900 (nine hundred pounds) in cash (with a signed receipt) or into your bank account within 14 days of the Consent Order as it currently stands, being summarised as a Memorandum Of Understanding by our mediator and then being submitted and accepted by the family court. This offer is available until 1pm Wednesday 5th July 2023 subject to you accepting the offer before that time and date via our Mediator Joanne Phillips, and confirmation in writing of the Mediation meeting to follow where we will sign the MOU of our agreement and then get it turned into a Consent Order to be submitted to the court.

15:19 29/06/2023
suzy Miller
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