Family Law Arbitrator

Posted By: suzy Miller on 13/04/2023 at 08:23

Children’s Matters Arbitrator: I’m talking soon with an Arbitrator who can make legally binding decisions on co-parenting challenges that couples are unable to agree on through mediation.

It’s better to agree yourselves, but rather than resort to court – use a ‘private judge’ – and arbitrator. So much quicker (by years!) and so less expensive. And less traumatic.

Email introductions on request but here is the email for Rebecca Hawkins:

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Rebecca and I connected through email and she was very kind. A fairly full schedule though. We weren't able to use her as my ex wouldn't commit to arbitration.

11:04 09/05/2023
Paul Turner

A request - for everyone to put some info into their profiles (see pinned post at the top) otherwise I can’t see who is posting a comment!

10:04 17/04/2023
suzy Miller

Thanks so much Suzy. Emailing her now.

09:39 17/04/2023

That sounds like an amazing resource to have in the team! I will look forward to connecting with Rebecca soon!

14:01 14/04/2023
Jenni Rock
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