Daniela – response to your legal letter

Posted By: suzy Miller on 03/11/2022 at 12:26

I think it reads really well @Daniela

It’s nice and clear and to the point. There’s no need to wait until the final order has gone through or to mention that you’ve already applied for it in the letter.

That’s just something you’re doing online and it’ll take as long as it takes for that to be complete.

It’s not really relevant as such because he already has no legal right to be there. She makes it clear that there will be a legal process if he doesn’t leave within 14 days and what that process will be, so it’s giving him a clear choice.

I think it is a very good letter and it encourages him to comply for Benjamin’s sake. It shows that you are trying to avoid court action but will have to go ahead with that route if he fails to comply with your request.

I can’t see why he shouldn’t be receiving that letter from your solicitor as soon as possible.

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