Child abduction

Posted By: suzy Miller on 16/07/2023 at 07:18

If you are in the situation where your co-parent has abducted/taken your child without your consent to another jurisdiction, this resource can help:

Pro Bono Support – Any parents in need of advice in international cases are invited to contact Rasha Kayal ( from iHope ( Rasha and iHope specialise in pro bono support for particularly complex legal contexts including situations which may appear impossible. They cannot make any promises but they will try to help. Their past successes include several instances of court-ordered returns from non-Hague countries.

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These are horrible and clearly ridiculous claims that indicate that the mother is potentially suffering from mental illness. Or she is just being as horrible as she possibly can. But it may be that she is suffering from delusions that suit her current desire to be the sole parent of your child. You need to be clear and frank about all of her claims. Document them. Make them available to Cafcass and be aware that what you are dealing with here is a form of abuse. She is bullying you relentlessly in ways that are designed to make want to give up. But you won't because your child needs you. It is abundantly clear that she is being delusional in her claims. You don't need to defend yourself - simply react calmly and clearly that these claims are false and your child deserves to see her father. Don't get dragged into trying to prove innocence when she has no evidence because what she's saying is bonkers. There is a lovely chap I spoke to today who hopefully is joining this support group soon. He has endured a similar tirade of abusive lies and defamations. Jenni Rock has been supporting him. Would you like me to ask if I could put you in touch with him? It would be good for you to discover that sadly, you are not alone in this type of situation. This chap has used the courts and had to spend a lot of money - but there are ways to do the same things without spending as much as he has, I believe. But he's sticking it out and Social Services are now realising that he is the sane one in this situation. It's taken a long time but he has documented everything and I think it would be useful for you to get some tips from him about how to document everything and how to get the best out of the support services. Let me know if you would like me to ask him if I can connect you both via email? It's good to connect with others in similar situations so you know you're not the one who's crazy!

21:32 27/07/2023
suzy Miller

Suzy, Are there any resources for how to push back against allegations that has the court fear you are a concern for abduction? My ex presented that I was going to use CIA contacts at the Embassy in order to traffick my daughter overseas. I don't have high level contacts and would never do this (for LOTS of reasons - this is horrible, I want my child to have a relationship with her mother, I need security clearances for work and it would be career suicide, my family would disown me and so much more). I didn't know if there might be some legal best practices to turn to - or guidance for how to address this with CAFCASS?

20:16 27/07/2023
Paul Turner
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