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Posted By: suzy Miller on 19/07/2023 at 07:50

As Secret Divorce Group members I’m assuming you are now avoiding paying further avoidable legal bills – and when it comes to the Consent Order stage you can save several hundred pounds using the link in the section of the same name, within the group Toolbox.

If you do need some legal support, you can use a non-practicing lawyer to help with the admin saving money that way (Celia Conrad). It’s also important to update your Will (unless you automatically want all your assets to go to your spouse instead of your children?).

Co-parenting struggles? Jenni Rock is our parenting conflict resolution expert available to support you.

If you are working with Henry Elliston on the finances and need support in bringing together all your financial information, let me know. I can set up your own case management system as part of your subscription.

See you at the Meetup drop in last Thursday of the month.

My Divorce TV Show livestream has regular updates with useful interviews:

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