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Posted By: suzy Miller on 08/03/2024 at 23:42

For those with a business to value, the less expensive way is to work it out yourself: Take your total assets and subtract your total liabilities. This approach makes it easy to trace to the valuation because it’s coming directly from your accounting/record keeping. However, because it works like a snapshot of current value it may not take into consideration future revenue or earnings.

This is a more comprehensive set of options:

If you are paying for a professional valuation, then you may be able to get a desktop valuation which is much less expensive than a full business valuation – which can be timely and costly. A desktop valuation is an appraisal of your business using software and known information that is available to the valuer. It does not involve an in-person visit to your premises, but it is typically used as a guide to inform you of your business’s potential market value.

So first – work out what is most appropriate for the business you are valuing.

For a desktop or more comprehensive valuation, this company offer that service. Though you may want a local company if they are visiting your premises.

If that is the case let me know including your postcode and I’ll find you an appropriate business who offers that service.

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