Posted By: Daniela on 02/12/2022 at 17:23

I have a quick question.

Ex wants to make some changes to our son’s schedule. I have replied that i will be available to discuss from Wed.
But i just remembered about the co-parenting plan that i set up via Splitsmart where we can both propose things and we get notification and can reply. And it’s all in one place.
This is what i want to say to him.

“In regards to B’s schedule and all things related to his upbringing (schedule, school, health, holidays, travel etc) , can be discussed anytime via Splitsmart co-parenting plan which you have access to from 7 months. I am waiting for your proposal of any schedule changes etc in Splitsmart which you can write at your convenient time. I will be getting a notification of your proposal, in my email and i will reply to it via Splitsmart.
This way we have a clear log off all that’s been said and who, for refrence and for a healthy diallogue between us for B’s wellbeing.
I will be waitting for your proposals in Splitsmart. Thank you.”

Is there anything i should change? Does this sound ok and reasonable? Is my language ok?

I have not discussed anything yet about him moving out.
Thank you very much.

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That all sounds great. When are you going to let him know he needs to move out?

19:31 02/12/2022
suzy Miller
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