Join Us In our UK/USA/International Divorce Support Group

Divorce can be long and lonely, so becoming part of a supportive community can make all the difference.


Membership includes:


  • Interactive monthly group chats (recorded incase you want to watch them again)


  • Introductions to experts who can support you through the divorce and beyond


  • A complimentary 1-1 Divorce Navigation call with Suzy (if you’ve not already had one!)

The Secret Divorce Club is also a great resource and a wonderful community to be a part of. I’ll be forever grateful to Suzy for this positive starting block and for providing the valuable resources to take me through my journey. S.P.

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  • Access to a Resources Library supporting all aspects of divorce and co-parenting
  • Questions answered not just by Suzy Miller – but also by the host of experts she can pull into the conversation
  • Monthly group chats on zoom – live


A private space, away from Facebook, where you can connect with other parents and divorcing individuals and share experiences, ask questions, and benefit from free access to the monthly group webinar/chat where we will:

– begin with a quick round up of how everyone is (you can stay silent and just listen if you prefer);

– then have some useful strategies/facts which we will discuss;

– share some expert knowledge, sometimes with a special guest;

– deal with any questions or challenges any of you may have


Finding a divorce community that has an empowering ethos can be tricky.

Luckily, the Best Way To Divorce Facebook Group has a positive approach to co-parenting and supports more peaceful ways to divorce.

Even if your spouse/co-parent is a ‘difficult’ person.

Suzy is simply the best! An absolute Earth Angel, who purely just wants to give you all her fantastic knowledge and contacts to take the pain out of let’s face it a very life changing experience! M.F.

As a TEDx speaker and Divorce Strategist I’m very determined to change the way the family law system works whether it’s in the UK or USA.

Come and join us in the group.

Best wishes



I came away from our meeting with a logical plan of how I could tackle the process one step at a time rather than just trying to leap to an end goal. I absolutely loved how for every worry I had, Suzy had an expert I could talk to. S.P.

UK Resident?

USA or International?