Schools need to support teachers through family separation.

The recent Department for Education survey (i) demonstrates the major challenges facing UK schools in retaining experienced teachers who are abandoning their profession in record numbers, according to official figures. This adds to the stress of the remaining, and often less experienced teachers, having to deal with bad behaviour from the students.

A new national survey of behaviour (ii) commissioned by the DfE found that 60% of school leaders and teachers said pupil misbehaviour had had a negative impact on their health.


What isn’t being asked, is WHY these children are causing their teachers ill health. The reasons will be complex, but one potential cause is clear.

Children act out their anger and frustration at school when their families are in crisis. In particular, when parents are divorcing in a toxic way. I know this, because teachers have told me that often children will let their anger lose at school, whilst the parents remain oblivious that their bitter break up is causing such stress to their children. But the teachers are only too well aware!ook


And the teachers themselves will often be dealing with family separations of their own, especially those who are older, more experienced, and important to retain.

So a resource that will empower teachers to not become embroiled themselves in the UK’s toxic divorce system, and be aware of healthier choices that will save them thousands of pounds in legal fees and hours of stress in executing their divorce or co-parenting relationships, is going to be useful. Especially if most of those resources, are free to not only the teachers, but also to the school.

In the research paper “Factors Affecting Teachers’ Decisions to Leave the Profession” (iii) it is clear that “Personal circumstances” ranked very high. So why do schools not currently have a “Separating Families Policy” in place?

But the first question to answer, is why is the Separating Families & Co-Parenting HR Policy & Resource Hub free for schools?

As the creator of an HR resource that includes a template policy document and an entire online resource hub – including human interaction/support – I share all that at no cost to Charities, NFPs and SMEs. Which includes schools.

I’m a TEDx Speaker who collaborated with the Ministry Of Justice in 2010 in raising awareness about more peaceful ways to divorce, and I have created resources boot-camping people for dispute resolution ever since!

Amongst others, both MacMillan Cancer Support and Sue Ryder Charities have subscribed for access to the Resource Hub and policy template.

I’m guessing that your school does not currently have a “Separating Families Policy” in place? Or free access for employees/teachers to the Divorce & Co-Parenting resource hub?

I would be happy to set up a dedicated resource hub page for your school. It’s really simple to implement and helps retain employees by keeping their family separation out of court, and supports co-parenting – even if they have the Ex from hell!

This resource also allows employees/volunteers/stakeholders who access it, to keep their private lives private from the organisation. To act well in advance of their divorce or co-parenting conflicts becoming toxic – and in many cases preventing that from happening in the first place, by learning how to use the options in the ‘peace toolbox’.

This resource hub offers a significant preventative role, with an expected positive impact in reducing the mental health issues related to family separation.

The Separation & Co-Parenting HR Policy will impact the employers’ positive efforts to increase diversity – because suddenly-single parents on a limited wage and fixed hours will often suffer set-backs to their careers, whatever colour or social group they identify as.

Our Free Resources include:

      • a divorce organiser & planner
      • divorce infographic and video series for DIY applications
      • 3 crucial facts you need to know to avoid escalating legal bills
      • access to national charities that support divorcing parents
      • your dispute resolution options – more than you might realise

Does your school or college have a “Separating Families Policy” in place?

You can arrange a time to speak here: 

(it only takes 15 mins maximum to set up the dedicated bespoke resource hub).

You can see more about the value to your organisation by implementing such a policy/sharing the resource hub here:

And what about reducing the stress of bad behaviour from those children who are the victims of a toxic family separation?

There is nothing to stop your school making the free resource hub available to the parents. In fact, it would make sense to do just that.

Suzy Miller: Best Way To Divorce

Separating Families & Co-Parenting HR Policy & Resource Hub






(iii) chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/


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