Do you find yourself self-sabotaging and wondering if there is a way to stop?

Do you have subconscious blocks to moving your life forwards that you are struggling to overcome?

Debbie Talalay has a free set of videos to show how Theta Healing combined with her own years of healing experience – through the Stamford Technique – is available here:

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HI, I am one of Suzy Miller’s Wellbeing therapists and have been involved in the emotionaI divorce experience albeit short lived; my husband died.

I have created a Women 50+ Live the Life You Want Club. A Community invested in helping members to better manage stress and anxiety so that they are emotionally strengthened to live the life they want. The Community offers shared insight, a space for self development, EFT and tools and techniques to calm. Meditative and Mindset sessions, Speakers and Q&A opportunities are planned.I have experienced divorce stress, and although you may be troubled with details yet to finalise or stunned after months of deeply distressing negotiation, this is an opportunity to gently start becoming the woman who can live a life of choice.

Email: to find out more.

Dealing with fear – TedX by Ruth Driscoll, who is part of the Best Way To Divorce Team.

Fear is a big issue during divorce and this TEDX talk may be useful to some of you.