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Directors and shareholders have different duties, obligations and rights. Usually, a company will have Articles of Association and/or Shareholders Agreements which govern the same. Sometimes, however, a company may not have any written documentation at all. Either way, and especially if you are both a shareholder and director, it is easy to get a little confused and be unsure how to act.

As a shareholder, you may be concerned that another shareholder or a director of a company has a conflict of interest and so may not be acting in the best way possible, or that they are acting in a way that could be prejudicial to your position.

A disagreement within a company that has an equal numbers of shareholders and/or directors could result is a deadlock situation which, if not quickly resolved, could destroy a company.

In any situation, it is always best to seek early advice. Measures can be put in place to prevent disputes, but also to mitigate the extent of any dispute to ensure the company is able to continue trading.

Summit Law LLP have the expertise to advise in relation to all arrangements between companies and their directors and shareholders, whether the advice sought is in relation to understanding your obligations and rights or to assist with litigated disputes.

We are able to provide a minority shareholder with a voice against abusive majority shareholders, advise directors on their improper removal from office, defend claims that have been issued against directors and much more. Do not delay seeking advice. Call our expert team on 020 4586 4574 now, or complete the enquiry form below.

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Insolvency Solicitors

If your business is struggling with cash flow, it is probably temporary; however, your creditors may be chasing you for a payment you cannot afford to pay. In our experience it’s essential to seek advice at an early stage to avoid the possibility of insolvency proceedings.

Whether you are in arrears with VAT, PAYE or Corporation Tax payments to HMRC, have received a winding up petition, need to enter into arrangements to allow you time to pay or are potentially facing insolvency, our insolvency solicitors are here to help.

For a no-obligation consultation to discuss your situation with our expert and specialist corporate insolvency lawyers, please call us today at our London office on 020 4586 4574 or complete our online enquiry form.

Who Can Our Insolvency Lawyers Help?

We adopt a sensitive, practical and, where appropriate, creative approach to the services we offer which best serves our clients’ aims and interests. We also take time to understand and get to know our clients, enabling us to build strong and long-lasting professional relationships.

Our leading corporate insolvency solicitors regularly assist businesses with a range of issues including:

Employment Lawyers London

Positive employer and employee relationships are crucial to business success. But navigating the minefield of employment law can be daunting. Not least because there are frequent legislative changes and severe repercussions if you get it wrong. This is why you need support from the best employment lawyers in London to assist with all your legal needs.


Supporting businesses, directors, and senior executives, we provide outstanding employment law advice that is comprehensive, well-thought-out, and bespoke to you and your situation.


Working proactively to keep relationships constructive, our London employment lawyers help our clients avoid contentious issues. But, where a dispute occurs, we have everything it takes to fight your corner and win. Crucially, we ensure that all the necessary processes and protocols are in place and followed to keep you in the best possible position.


On hand to help with a range of employment law issues, including complex matters, please get in touch with our employment lawyers in London today by calling 020 4586 4574 or completing the website enquiry form.

Our employment lawyers’ areas of expertise

Our London-based employment lawyers have extensive experience across a comprehensive range of employee and employer matters. Delighted with the results we have achieved for our clients, we believe in a variety of approaches. So, when you appoint us, we take the time to get to know you and your objectives to serve you in the best possible way.

With clients across a wide range of sectors, including financial services, banking, media, technology, and more, we specialise in all the critical areas of employment law, including:

With all the expertise, skill and commercial know-how needed to handle complex employment law matters and disputes, please get in touch with our employment lawyers in London today by calling 020 4586 4574 or completing our online enquiry form.

Property Dispute Solicitors

Property is usually one of the largest and most important assets owned by businesses and individuals. So it can be financially challenging and emotionally draining when a disagreement arises. While property disputes are sometimes unavoidable, a swift and effective resolution can prevent unnecessary disruption and save money.


At Summit Law, we have helped our clients negotiate a range of residential and commercial property disputes, so we know what it takes to reach a successful conclusion. Acting for start-ups to established developers, investors, landowners, property management companies and individuals, our in-depth, expert advice is tailored to you, your situation, and your objectives.


Because we understand the need to resolve any property disputes as quickly as possible, we also provide practical advice to stop a bad situation from escalating. If you are experiencing a property dispute and would like to resolve it, please call our property litigation lawyers on

Types of property disputes

We help with a broad range of property disputes, and we pride ourselves on the results we have achieved. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to our client’s legal needs. Instead, we look at the specific circumstances of each dispute to devise just the right strategy. This might include litigation, mediation, negotiation, or an option you haven’t even thought of.

Just as important, our proactive approach ensures that we spot any potential issues – and find ways to work around them – before they become a problem.

Common types of residential & commercial property disputes we deal with include:

  • Boundary disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Equity and joint ownership disputes
  • Forfeiture and possession proceedings
  • Lease disputes
  • Lease renewal disputes
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Party wall disputes
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Rights of way disputes
  • Trusts of land disputes.

Resolving property disputes

All relationships – including those with commercial partners- can go through a rocky patch. But when property disputes become bitter and drawn-out, the emotional and financial toll can be damaging. As such, it’s not only essential to get the right resolution to a property disagreement, but also to get it fast. It’s about minimising risk and maximising results.

A boutique London law firm, our property dispute solicitors have substantial experience helping individuals to resolve their disputes.

Experts in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), we help with a range of dispute resolution options and focus on constructive communication. However, as well as negotiation and mediation, we can also mount a vigorous courtroom strategy where needed.

With all the expertise, skill and commercial know-how needed to handle complex property disputes, we deliver the highest standards of care and counsel. Call us today on 020 4586 4577 or complete a Free Online Enquiry, and one of our property litigation lawyers will be in touch to find out more about how we can help you.

Commercial Debt Recovery and Litigation

Unpaid debts are an issue for every business. We understand the impact that a late or non-paid debt can have on a business which relies on cash flow and so we will ensure that we work on your behalf to recover the maximum amount of money that we can, including interest and any applicable compensation and expenses.

Whether the debt is disputed or not, we will recommend the appropriate procedure to enable you to recover funds as quickly as possible at a sensible cost. It is often the case that the longer a debt is left unpaid, the less likely it is to be collected.

Do not let unpaid debts take up your time and resources which could be better spent elsewhere. Contract our expert debt recovery team today to assist in the following:

  • Disputed or Non-Disputed Debts
  • Judgement and Enforcement
  • Cross-border Debts
  • Interest Rates and Commercial Debts

For more information please call our expert commercial debt recovery and litigation solicitors on 020 4586 4574, complete a Online Enquiry form or email and one of our commercial lawyers will contact you.