Take financial settlements for example – you can get most of the financial aspects ready for working with a Financial Planner like Henry Elliston using this software – that also has a Parenting Plan included. Something to use very early on in the process and very child-focused.


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Divorce Settlements during Covid 19

This is an interesting read for any of you trying to come to agree financial settlements and the problems that Covid 19 is causing at the moment. It’s certainly still possible, but if your agreement was reached before March and hasn’t been reviewed since, you must consider doing so.


Need to claim universal credit but ex still living in the house?

It can be done.


Trying to get Child Maintenance or increase the amount owed?

Remember that the Child Maintenance Service take a big cut. They receive a percentage of the money. Encourage the other parent to pay direct otherwise they will be giving money to the CMS that could have gone to the children. Such a waste.

20% is added to paying parent’s amount to be taken by CMS and the receiving parent loses 4% of what is allocated to them.