Your Divorcing a Difficult Spouse CALIFORNIAN Workshop: Video & Resource Pack

Includes free 1-1 expert support

from Californian Divorce Financial Experts, Mediators and Attorneys

Watch the workshop video

"Focused my mind on next steps, parenting tips to help children deal with the situation. Seeing how important financial planning is going to be going forward."  (Joanna)

You will also have access to complimentary initial calls/consultations with the majority of the experts on the workshop and within Suzy’s network.


" I wanted to say that I was blown away by the content of your workshop, I didn't expect at all it would be so detailed and packed with experts."  (Anon)

Find out more from these experts – let me know if you would like a complimentary 1-1 call/zoom with any – or all – of these useful professionals!


Which experts do you want to be introduced to?

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Bonus Videos


Life Liberator Ruth Driscoll

Dealing with controlling and coercive relationships


Dealing with a coercive and controlling relationship


Psychotherapist Caron Barruw


Health Coach Susan Cowe Miller


The Stamford Healing Process: Debbie Talalay


Divorce Mediation – You don’t have to be friends!

Some of you will already be crystal clear on who you want to talk to, and why.

Some of you, however, would prefer to spend 30 minutes creating a simple strategy plan, so you know:

  • who to talk to first
  • what the focus of the complementary session should be – what answers you need right now
  • key actions and strategies to keep your divorce out of court, or at least not taking years and costing you thousands.
  • how to stay sane/protect the kids throughout this journey.

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