SET THE C.O.M.P.A.S.S Suffer (2min)


Suffering must not be ignored. Acknowledge it.

The challenges of changes that don’t fit what you had hoped for. Losing that family home? Not putting the kids to bed every night because you live somewhere else? A broken heart?

But it’s not just you who suffers.

Suffering of family and friends who may be hugely impacted by your divorce, especially grandparents.

Your children.

Suffering is part of the grieving process. It’s not a reason to beat yourself up or rant at midnight in a toxic online group laying blame on your STBX.

This is a process better supported by accessing councillors if your situation is triggering childhood wounds, for example, of abandonment. Now is the time to pay attention to those wounds and find ways to help them to heal.

Accessing healing from EFT through to Theta Healing and the Stamford Technique may be even more useful at this stage, offering deep healing that gives immediate results. So experiment. Don’t just bottle it all up.

From suffering often comes deep personal enlightenment. That may not be a comfort to you right now, but it’s why further down the road many of us re-interpret our suffering as a gift.



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