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Don’t let the fact that your Ex is ‘unreasonable’ be an excuse for you to behave without Grace

Blaming your Ex may seem reasonable enough, especially if you are emotionally strung-out, but it is a disaster if you want to change the way you feel, and be effective as you can be as a co-parent.

It manifests often in the phrase “Oh that wouldn’t work because he/she is just too unreasonable.

Well, why not just TRY! Give them a chance to become reasonable? Perhaps they just haven’t been provided with the key information they need? Perhaps you got them on a ‘bad day’?

If every time you engage with your Ex, your expectation is that they will be reasonable, then eventually they may actually start to ‘wake up’ and realise that you are only after what’s best for the kids, and that this isn’t a war.

So for your own sanity, keep your emotions from clouding your own judgement – and treat your Ex as someone who loves the children and ultimately will want what is best for them, even if right now you don’t both see eye to eye on how that manifests in everyday life.


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