SET S.A.I.L: Lies (2min)



We tell ourselves all kinds of lies – but this is a time to be brutally honest. Delusion is not the same as positive thinking!

For example, think about the following and decide what you want to do differently if any of the following ring true:

  • A big lie is that “being separated or divorced is some kind of ‘judgement’ on us as human beings“. Like we are some kind of failure and have let down society. This, of course, is complete bollocks but it’s amazing how many people delude themselves about this one.
  • The kids will be fine even if I’m saying horrible things about the other parent“: Hmm, well we know that’s not true. You can look up the long term studies or just use common sense – the kids want both parents to find a way to be happy and peaceful. That’s the truth on that one.
  • My life is ruined and I’ve wasted years on being with that other person“: I remember thinking that. How deluded that seems now with the passage of not just years but within just a few months. Reading motivational books and exploring some personal development certainly sped up the process of seeing my life situation more accurately.

The truth is, that you are a beautiful and amazing human being who deserves to have as much happiness as anyone else. Please don’t lie to yourself by seeing yourself as anything different.


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