Reality: Part 1 (12min)



“The family law court-based system is toxic.

If you don’t know how to navigate it you can end up broke, on anti depressants and physically ill. Your best approach is to keep things peaceful, and to stop believing those people who tell you ‘a peaceful divorce isn’t possible’.

Their experience doesn’t have to be yours.”

 Suzy Miller: Divorce Strategist™

Reality Check:

  • Get real about the nature of the family law system. It’s not designed to help families to evolve peacefully from one form to another.
  • Don’t think it’s as simple as filling in some forms when money, properties or children are involved – do your homework (this course) and access the right professionals to help you as and when needed (see the Tool Kit section).
  • Be honest with yourself. The emotional impact may be greater than you thought. Take your wellbeing seriously (See the Divorce First Aid modules in the Take Control section).




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