PROCESS: Part 6 (5min)

The Dangers of DIY

Increasingly more people are choosing to manage their own divorce, and to represent themselves in court – but it’s not an easy option.

Despite the reduction in availability for Legal Aid in the UK, it is still available for Mediation if you are on a low income, a fact that is sometimes failed to be clearly communicated to couples embarking on the divorce journey.

How to Get Free Divorce Papers

  • Visit/call the county clerk’s office in the county court building/family court in the county where you live. …
  • Download a free divorce packet from the website of your local county court if available. …
  • Contact your local legal aid society. …
  • Ask your state law library for free divorce packets if available.


Free Divorce Infographics & Forms

I have created some FREE infographics and videos to help you if you are currently having a divorce in the UK or in California. 

You will find them inside the Resource Hub under Divorce Admin.


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