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Civil Partnership dissolution & Same-Sex Divorce

Currently in the UK (at the time of writing), only gay couples are allowed to enter into a Civil Partnership – though now they can legally marry as well – and in a Civil Partnership, the ‘divorce’ is called a ‘dissolution’ but is in practice the same process.

The state of California recognizes no-fault divorces. If you determine you and your spouse have irreconcilable differences, you can legally get a divorce without having to prove reasons for a divorce. Though the US has recognized and legalized gay marriage, they still may hold multiple statuses. Therefore, as either a lawyer or an individual attempting to get a divorce, you’ll need to understand the legal ramifications that are present in your state’s jurisdiction.


International divorce

There is an increasing amount of divorces occurring where the couple live in different countries. If the divorce petition is filed in the UK, then that becomes the country whose laws will apply.

When it comes do sorting out international properties and pensions, please make sure you get relevant legal advice for professionals who are experienced in these areas.

Sometimes couples insist that mediation is not possible because they live so far apart – but that is because no-one has introduced them to online mediation. It is always better to start with a face to face mediation session in person if possible, before then using online mediation methods. Also, make sure you choose mediators who are experienced in using online methods successfully.


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