PROCESS: Part 1 (5min)

PROCESS: Part 1 (5min)

Our voyage now begins in earnest.

As part of our preparation, we will look at the process of divorce, get a ‘reality check’, think about the economics involved, and finally, review our perceptions – which may be blocking our creative thinking.

Ready to get started?


Three key processes – after you’ve watched the intro video we’ll go into more detail in the next stages:

  • Process – administrative/legal
  • Process – financial
  • Process – co-parenting

Try to separate these three areas in your mind. A common mistake is to think that they are dependent on each other – but not as much as you might think.

For example, if one parent is not playing ball financially and honouring their commitments, that does not mean the children can be used as weapons to get that parent to pay up. Apart from the fact that is very harmful to the children – more on that in later modules – it’s a poor strategy and won’t get you any useful results.

In the UK it’s possible to get the admin done and be legally divorced – but not have the financial settlement sorted.

Imagine how difficult it can be to get an Ex to agree on the finances once you are already legally divorced – whilst you are still effectively financially bonded together in that the financial split still hasn’t been agreed on. And you have possibly lost all that ‘leverage’ of not allowing the divorce process to complete UNTIL there is a financial agreement ready to be presented to the court. It’s not a great situation to be in.

So remember to deal with each aspect independently regarding how you approach them – although obviously, they impact on each other. Which is where some clever strategies can come in handy!

To understand the Process – the admin side – that is covered in the sections that follow on from this short introduction.

The financial and parenting aspects will be fully explored through this MasterClass.


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