NAVIGATE BY THE S.T.A.R.S. Suspend Belief (7min)


You need to find the strength and courage to hold the faith that one day co-parenting won’t be so tough, and to believe that maybe mediation could work after all – if you do your homework and prepare. The fact is, that to achieve this level of hope, you need to do something we are all capable of.

Suspend Belief.

You may of heard ‘fake it till you make it’? Well getting to move from a place that isn’t working for you, to a place that is, requires the suspension of belief.

And to do that, you may have to stay away from dream-stealers who support your negative vision of the future – agree that your ex is ‘never going to mediate’ etc. – and instead hang out with positive people who support your far-fetched vision of what a peaceful co-parenting relationship looks like, or a financial agreement without going through the courts.

It is only by suspending belief that we give peace a chance.

In this short video I talk about how trust can be rebuilt – even when there has been infidelity:



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