NAVIGATE BY THE S.T.A.R.S. Transform (11min)


Now is a good time to go on an inner Journey – to transform yourself to be able to reconnect with the world. For many it can be spiritual journey as well.

For some it is about giving back, but it’s not just about working in a soup kitchen – though serving those who are way worse off than you can be quite a healing experience.

There are lots of ways to discover how to reorientate yourself when the normal references for your identity, who you are, what it’s all for, can seem blurry – if not invisible.

Trying out some deep healing can be very helpful. Such as Debbie Talalay with her Stamford Technique as she has lots of experience of helping people transform through their major life changes like divorce, or Susan Cowe-Miller who is a health coach and can arm you with many techniques to self-heal and regulate your emotions through EFT tapping or shifting trauma.

Whether you explore deeper healing, new experiences, or just take up meditation – I’ve found Transcendental Meditation great for keeping me energised and focused, and I’ve discovered A Course In Miracles as part of my spiritual journey – as well as Buddhist chanting which is a great way to meet new lovely people everywhere you go in the world – whatever roads you choose to go down, they will be your choice, and for me, that is the heart of transformation. It’s about taking responsibility for your life and living it to the full, instead of letting what is now your past, still dictate your future.


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