NAVIGATE BY THE S.T.A.R.S. Set Free (3min)



How do we know what ‘freedom’ is?

Not knowing what the future will bring results in uncertainty and fear. If you are about to set off on a voyage, you may not know yet what strange lands you will discover, but you will make sure you have a good compass and some kind of a map. But you also need that desire to explore, a willingness to be open to a life that is fulfilling and fun.

That can be a challenge in the middle of a divorce, so let’s use this as a catalyst for you to work out what it is you really want. What fulfils you? What brings you joy?

This is where a good life coach can be very valuable, as well as getting out there to try out new things, and new aspects of yourself. Maybe join a choir? A local drama group? Take up a team sport? Dance! Or begin a course in something that interests you – there are lots of free courses online, and maybe that will lead to retraining or going to University.

The world needs you to discover what your gifts are. These could be maintaining a happy home and bringing up well-adjusted children, as long as that gives you the satisfaction such a role deserves. But if you want more, then find out what that ‘more’ is. If you don’t, the world misses out. And that would be a shame.


“There is no home that can shelter love and fear. They cannot coexist.” #ACIM #quotes


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